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Getting Paid

I am paid regularly (on time, and at least twice per month).
If I work overtime, I am compensated for it at 1.5 times my regular wage.
I am paid for all of the time I work, and am never expected to work 'off the clock' before or after my shift.
I have an employment contract that clearly outlines when I am scheduled for a raise in my wage.
I am paid a living wage (after counting tips and commissions).
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When I am scheduled for a shift, I am never sent home with less than 2 hours of work.
I am given the option to take at least a 30 minute, uninterrupted break for every 5 hours that I work.
I am never scheduled as 'on-call'.
There is a minimum number of hours per week that I know I will be scheduled for
My schedules are always posted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.


If I work on a stat holiday, I receive time-and-a-half.
I am given at least one week free from work for paid vacation every year.
There is a policy at work that allows me to take parental, pregnancy, or family care leave when needed.
If I call in sick for work, I am not required to pay for, or provide, a doctor's note.
I receive 5 or more paid sick days per year (If you work less than full-time, this can be prorated to 1% of your wage).

Dignity at Work

Dresscodes or uniforms at work, including footwear, are not gendered.
I have been provided training by my employer to understand how to identify, report, and prevent sexual harassment at work.
My wages (including tips, or commissions) have never been withheld, or reduced, as a way for my employer to discipline me.
I am scheduled by management for at least one annual performance review, and I may receive additional reviews throughout the year if I request them.
Rates of pay are transparent, and I am paid equally to my co-workers that do the same work as me.

Safety at Work

I can refuse to serve a customer, or perform certain work, if I don't feel safe.
I am able to take a break to use the washroom when needed.
My employer does not use video / audio surveillance to record me while I work.
My employer has a policy that restricts them from looking up my personal social media profile and posts.
There is a Health & Safety Committee at work, made up of my co-workers that I can go to if I have concerns about my safety at work.

Workplace Justice

I am free to join together with co-workers and community to address any work-related concerns, or to discuss unionizing, without interference, or fear of reprisal, from my employer.
I have a written employment agreement that outlines the disciplinary process at my work.
There is a bulletin board at work where our employment rights are clearly posted and visible to all employees.
When I go to look for other work, I am guaranteed that my boss will provide me with a written employment reference upon request.
We have a Workers' Rights Committee made up of co-workers, that is responsible for improving conditions at work, and the compliance of employment laws.

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