About Grade My Boss / FAQ

Grade My Boss is a confidential survey that aims to reveal the conditions of workplaces across BC. By asking workers about the common practices at their job, Grade My Boss puts a spotlight on the working conditions of local businesses. Our ultimate goal is to affect working conditions by working with bosses to improve their survey score by improving the way they treat their workers. We are hopeful that through this project, we can facilitate change by providing an avenue for co-workers with common concerns to collectively deal with workplace issues that often go unaddressed. Our aim is to build relationships with workers, encourage bosses to do better, evaluate current Employment Standards laws, and above all, promote workplace justice.

As just one component of our mission to improve labour rights, Grade My Boss demands financial security, justice, safety, and respect for all working people. How someone feels about their job depends on a lot of factors (whether they like the work itself, enjoy working with their co-workers, derive meaning from their work, etc.). Grade My Boss questions what makes a “good job.” We believe a good job should uphold workers rights and treat workers with fairness and respect.

History of the project

Grade My Boss started as a project through the Retail Action Network (RAN) in Victoria, BC (Lekwungen Territory) in January 2018. After organizing with retail workers to retrieve wages that had been withheld by their bosses, RAN came to realize that more needed to be done to bring attention to the conditions in workplaces across the province. Too often, bosses that stole wages would get away with it from one employee to another. Similarly, workplaces that had better conditions for their workers didn’t have a way to make it known.

Grade My Boss is now growing into its own project after seeing the success of the initial pilot project. Grade My Boss began as a way to support workers, and that original spirit carries through today as we continue to grow this project.

Who is involved / community partners

Grade My Boss is run as a project of the Retail Action Network Society. Learn more about how we’ve developed the survey and how we calculate grades.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support from our community partners that continue to inform the content of Grade My Boss

Get in touch

Want to get in touch to volunteer, ask a question, or send us your feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email: Hello@GradeMyBoss.com

Frequently asked questions

If you are facing a problem at work and need help, please get in touch with us at Hello@GradeMyBoss.com.
Find out more about your rights as a worker in BC on our website https://retailaction.ca/2017/03/rights-worker-bc. Retail Action Network also hosts regular workers’ rights workshops: https://www.facebook.com/RetailActionBC/. Check us out on Facebook for info about our events.
You can request an audit be emailing us. We will conduct an audit through your employees as the main points of contact: Audit@GradeMyBoss.com
Grade My Boss was developed as a platform to allow workers to inform one another of the conditions at their place of work. Our intention is that workers can be better informed when deciding which company they choose to sell their labour to. As a project of Retail Action Network, we also use Grade My Boss as an opportunity to inform workers of their rights. When a survey is completed, it will automatically inform the person doing the survey that their rights may have been violated. Our intention is that those workers will then know to go after their missing wages or challenge their mistreatment at work. As Grade My Boss grows, we hope that the survey results will help to inform shoppers and customers of where they choose to spend their money.
Yes, we keep the results completely confidential, and do not share your personal information publicly. You will see on our results page, that the details of your responses are also hidden as a way to further prevent anything that my identify you. Some of the steps that we have taken to further protect you from being identified: 1) Surveys can be completed up to twelve months after your employment ended; 2) Specific results of each survey are not shared publicly; 3) Franchise locations are not identified publicly.
Grade My Boss is a project of Retail Action Network Society. Both projects rely entirely on donations and grants to operate. The Grade My Boss site was developed with the financial support of labour unions in BC. We also rely heavily on volunteer support and contributions to further inform and develop this project.
We don’t sell any of your private information to advertisers or marketing companies. All of your data is stored on a secure server. If you opt-in to being contacted, the personal information you provided will be shared with Retail Action Network Society’s email list. In the future, we will use the data provided through Grade My Boss to help inform policy initiatives by seeing which issues are facing workers in certain sectors.